Posted by: reformbama | March 2, 2010

Is “Everything” Really Everything (Modified)

The lack of discernment out in the Christian world is very troubling. It makes angry to be honest. However because I have a soft spot in my heart I will say this, it’s not all your fault even though you are to study to show yourself approved. You only know what you are taught. You are victims of fads, movements, altar calls, and pastors fearing lack of numbers, they have  no faith in the fact that the Lord will give the increase when all they have to do is faithfully preach the Word of God in truth and love. Another thing that is forgotten is that the church is for the sheep and not the entertaining of goats, and we are not there to be entertained. We are to GO, not suck the goats in with gimmicks and such.

I fear we often hold convictions without having ever examined them with care. We become accustomed to certain expressions without taking the time to see if they stand up to the scrutiny of Scripture.” – Michael Gaydosh
“Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from your law” – Psalm 119:18

Now to the bulk of this post. There is a video of a skit done in a church, Scripture is sufficient by the way, to the song Everything by Lifehouse. Nice song, clean lyrics, it’s almost spiritual, it is very popular in the secular world, hit number 48 on Billboard. The writers of the song say they are Christians and has led youth worship in their church. When asked if they are a Christian band they responded with

“We are not a ‘Christian band,’ but I’m a Christian, and the bass player [Sergio] is a Christian,” Jason told UCLA’s Daily Bruin Online.And then in a Rolling Stone magazine interview, Jason said, “My music is spiritually based, but we don’t want to be labeled as a ‘Christian band,’ because all of a sudden people’s walls come up and they won’t listen to your music and what you have to say.”

Huh?!? What’s that? Are they unlike the apostle Paul and ashamed of the Gospel? Sounds like it. Or it sounds like we are suppose to hide our faith and ambush people with the Gospel with an ambiguous song like “Everything”. Ambiguous what do you mean, I know what he is talking about in the song. If you grew up in church you might understand who the “Your” is. Just throw that out over the secular airwaves and there will be clueless people. Besides being a song with vain repetition it is very lacking and full of I,I,I.

Anybody could have wrote that. Mormons, Scientologists, Jehovah Witness. Even John W. Hinckley Jr could have wrote that to Jodie Foster, Elton John to his boyfriend.

Some of you may be thinking how can that be, that song can only be used one way to describe one thing. Think so? Watch this.
Note: The original video, was removed by youtube, I had was actually from season 1 episode 1 of Smallville, Clark daydreaming about Lana. I think you can get the point from this one and one more I have added.

I was next going to go into the “Everything” church skit but I am going to let this sink in a little bit and leave you dear reader with these two thoughts.

1. The next time you watch the Everything skit ask yourself  “Is the Gospel truly communicated & the  repentance of sin, the cost of following and does Jesus have to struggle with anything? Does the I in T.U.L.I.P come to mind? Of course not, this stuff ain’t taught in church because someone may be offended by the TRUTH. I is for irresistible Grace, what about the Elect. Is “your” Lord so weak he has to fight and struggle? Mine ain’t, so stop portraying a lie.  How is the Gospel to be preached?

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. – Romans 10:17

2. You may think it is not really a bad thing. Ask yourself what the Bible teaches on the full counsel of God and would you drink a glass of water with just a little sewer water in it?

Be a Discerning people and test all things with the Scriptures God gave us.

And please, if you disagree with me, will someone please defend this method with Scripture… Come on, you can do it.



  1. So you don’t agree with altar calls? Help me understand what you are saying there because I am trying to grasp your beliefs. I thought you and I were on the same page, so please help me understand what you are saying.

    People don’t need the altar to get saved, they just need to turn to Christ but once saved, how will they make that profession known and commit to be baptized and join the church?

    I understand we all see things differently and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.
    I’m not saying your thinking is wrong, I’m just trying to understand 🙂 Which also means that when you visit our church does the altar call appall you or are you just referring to other altar calls? I’m sorry I don’t understand so please be patient with me, I’m still a work in progress and lately there are a whole lot of things that I don’t understand but I continue on with tiny baby steps one day at a time….the man that used to help me understand these things and who always had the right words to say rests in God’s arms now and so it’s up to me to make sense out of all that which I fail to understand.

    • Robin you actually answered one of your own question. The profession is the baptism.

      It is not just my thinking. It is just not biblical. There are many theologians that think this way about altar calls.

      The main thing we have to keep in mind is that the Bible that defines how the church is to be ran. Everything must be held to the light of Scripture.
      A lot of things we do in church are traditions made by man. Many of these things we have made our own little idols and hate it when someone steps on them. You will not find an altar call in Scripture, no where. The altar call was created by Charles Finney in the 1800’s. You can go here for a brief history.

      Is there to be an invitation, yes. As we see in Acts at the end of Peter’s sermon. It is a call to repent and believe followed by a life of self-examination. When altar calls are done in a way that build on emotions, using music to stimulate those emotions and the every head bowed and eyes closed and the begging of people to come down that aisle, this is your last chance! Billy Graham by his own admission would have people working his events the walk down the aisles to get the flow going. We are like herd animals, especially youth. If you would just raise your hand and recite this prayer, which you will not find in Scripture, I see that hand! You get someone to walk down that aisle and the Pastor declares them saved when he does not have the power to declare them saved. There has not been chance for fruit to bear out to know they are saved. That is when the real work starts with new converts, working diligently with them to make sure it was not some moment caught on emotion or just to please someone. Remember brother JD’s testimony at Zach’s baptism.
      I think we are dealing with this in Garrett. Truth hurts and I got a lot of work ahead with G to make sure this is not just a temporary falling away. I am not going to rest on a man made tradition, I am going to rest on Scripture alone.

      I don’t know if you have listened to the following message yet or not. This issue is better explained by Paul Washer than I can do it. And the one after it also.
      Read my little caution deal at the top right. Probably the best quote I have seen in awhile. 🙂

      This one on examining yourself

      And this one on decision-ism

      Always patient with you Robin, I am a work in progress also. These are long but well worth it.

  2. Thank you Mark, you helped me understand in the way I needed it, I knew you would which is why I asked, just please forgive me if I speak harshly or out of character when I respond because it most often will come from my own misunderstandings as well as God really working hard on dealing with me and my life, I’ve learned that He doesn’t do things because I want it, but because He knows what is best. And while His best is not always what I want, it’s always just what I need. I have not listened to those messages but will do so after I post this.

    I worried about Zachary when he accepted Christ that night because I feared it was from his grief and while he’s young and not had the chance to fully bear the fruit of his decision I see the subtle changes in him and I believe that he truly accepted Christ into his heart for himself and not for his Daddy. I totally understand where you are coming from with that and it makes complete sense. I will be praying for you and Garrett, just as I deal with things with Josh, I too want to rest solely on scripture.

    • No problem Robin.
      I may write about it one day but years ago I did not like the teachings of John MacArthur and definitely would not have liked Paul Washer or Voddie Baucham at that time.
      Had a friend introduce me to John MacArthur and I did not like him because he stepped on all the sacred cows that I was taught in church. I set out to prove him wrong
      and failed miserably. The more I dug in the Word the more I learned JM was right, among others men, I found trying to prove the man wrong. There is a lot more to it than that because I have found numerous other things that are done in church that is not Scriptural. I also learned things by getting into church history and learning about the reformation and so on…. There is a profound statement in the Examine Yourself sermon that needs noticed. A couple of them.

      I go to them and say, “You have made the good profession. You have declared among many that
      you are a believer, but now you are beginning to live like an unbeliever. It is very, very possible
      you never knew Him, that up until this point, it has all been a very deceiving work of the flesh,
      because, if a work of God does not continue, it never was a work of God.

      And this one,

      And I want to tell you something and I want to make it very, very clear. Do not listen to your
      heart. Listen to the Word of God. Do not listen to what your daddy says about your salvation.
      Do not listen to what your mother says about your salvation. Listen to the Word of God.
      Compare what you know about your secret life.
      Now, what did I say that for? So many of you young people, you have your parents so deceived
      it’s unbelievable, because externally you conform to their law, but it’s not your law. It’s not in
      your heart. And in the secret place, you know who you are. And then some of you who are not
      children, but adults, teenagers that are older that are out in the world, you go out there. You
      know who you are. Your mom and dad, they do not know. Some of you adults, church
      members do not know, but when you are out there by yourself, that’s the person I want you to
      compare to the Word of God tonight. Not the one in here that looks pretty, not the one in here
      that’s got religious makeup on. No. The one out there when no one is looking. You take that
      person and compare him tonight to the Word of God and see if he stands. See if he stands.

      If you stick with this line of thought and listen those two sources you will have some things hit you and like the first time I heard them, I had myself under a microscope.

      Things you could learn, like predestination (Election) and atonement, the 5 solas and T.U.L.I.P (Calvinistic view), which I think have posted here will help understand more the dangers of decissionism. And such. Things you most likely will not see taught in a church and will not see in any LifeWay material.


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