Posted by: reformbama | March 22, 2010

A Little Leaven, A Little Error

I get asked alot why error, even a little error, in the church bothers me so much. Because a little leaven, leaven being error, will keep the bread from rising or “grow”. Unless your a cook it is hard to see that. Let me give you another example.
I did the controls work for a company called Poly Flex Circuits. They made the flexible circuits that connected displays to circuit boards in pc’s, calculators, etc. To get into the production area you had to put on these little white suits, shoe covers, head covers and if you had any facial hair at all you had to cover your face. Then you had to walk through two different air washes to get into the production area. Then you were in the production area sliding everywhere with those shoe covers on. The place was a lot cleaner that most ER’s I have seen. Why all the clean room stuff? Because all it takes is one little bit of dust, dandruff or any other little particle of debris to get embedded in the circuit to ruin it. Sometimes the circuits make it out the door with a little trash in them. The problem shows up later as the flexible circuit flexes and moves. The little “trash” particle wears into the circuit and then the device dies. All it takes is bit of trash you can only see with a microscope at times to kill a device. When you start allowing little bits of “error” into the church  or your life it can cause alot of damage before it is caught. Be discerning in what you read and who you sit under for instruction. Prayerfully study your bible so you can get a hint of who is teaching error. The best teachers are most likely those that are not worried about “style”. They concern themselves with bible study. Read Pink, Spurgeon, Edwards, Tozer, MacArthur, Baucham, Sproul, Piper(older stuff). Stay away from people like Rick Warren, Matt Pitt, Brennan Manning, John Eldridge, Osteen, Moore, Myers…..



  1. Excellent!

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