Posted by: reformbama | September 14, 2010

“Calvinism, How Hard Is It?

First for those who are “challenged readers”, I need to let you know that I do not worship John Calvin. He just happens to be right in most of his theology. I really don’t like the label “Calvinist” just because I agree with his theology, plus the fact of those foolish hyper Calvinist. The Calvinist camp is not the only camp that needs to cull it’s nuts. Back to the label thing, I agree with MacArthur, Pink, Tozer and many others on their theology. Do I need to label myself with some weird name like “Macpinozerist”? No.  Got way to many idiots that are clueless to what Calvinism is and try to argue against what they think they know. The anti-Calvinist, the hateful ones, love going on the attack when you throw some truth and light on their golden calves. Usually calling Calvinist hateful people because we think God chooses the Elect. Now before you get angry not everyone who disagrees with Calvinism are  idiots.  There are actually some polite “NON Calvinist” out there that can start off being civil and debate and we can go have a coke together later. As long as you are saved is what matters. I will not loose sleep if people do not understand how it happens. This post is to help educate those who would like to know more about it.


First link – “One Arminian’s Proof-Texts” Written by Phil Johnson over at Pyromaniacs.

Second link – “A Bunch Of Post About Said Subject” Posts written by any of the contributors at Pyromaniacs.

And for information on “Hyper-Calvinism”



  1. Thanks for the links. Actually since I have started reading some of the stuff you have posted I have had an urge to reeducate myself and expand on the little I knew about who Calvin was and what he taught. This will be a great help. To be honest I have a predisposition to avoiding learning about people or doctrines that carry so much “baggage” or often lead to charged conversations. Basically I cannot stand trying to talk to people who are so radically convinced that they are 100% right. Until Jesus comes back there is none of us perfect in our belief or understanding of His will. So I much prefer to talk to people who at least are open to scripture and God stretching them into a deeper and possibly different understanding of God’s master plan (Note: I do not believe we are in this time receiving “new” teachings or anything like that. I am talking about the possibility of having been taught something incorrectly and realizing the error in that.) . Unfortunately that severely limits the number of people I can have meaningful conversations with. I am here to learn and grow, and am just looking for those who are truly willing to do the same.

    • Calvin surely has baggage attached to him. Who doesn’t? I don’t think will ever get things 100%. I just added a link on Hyper Calvinism that I forgot when I first posted.
      As long as every one is good on the basic’s I’m good and we can debate all day long and have a coke later and still be “friends” at the end of the day. If you have been looking over my posts you know where my issues lay. You Mr. Matthew567 know how to converse and I appreciate it. We will talking about security soon. I got sidetracked.

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