Posted by: reformbama | September 23, 2010


I have a slight issue, something I cannot wrap my head around. There is a way of “THINKING” out there that seems to be coming out of the woodwork, now I am not saying it is wrong so to speak. It’s all this foreshadowing of Christ in OT folks. Like Joseph, David and Joshua for example. Now I can see all the prophecies in the OT and do not have a problem, I seem to have problem with this “Type Of Christ stuff” and my only comfort in it is that Spurgeon is about 15% in my camp on it.  He says don’t take much stock in it, but yet he uses it.

Here are my problems, If I had to pick a type of Christ out of those listed it would be none of them. Why, because they were sinful men that failed. David more than those that I listed. I can’t get past the sinful man compared to our perfect sinless Lord Jesus. So what is the deal for pointing stuff out like that, to show how smart you are. Here is a title in a blog I saw today ” Images of the Savior Joshua’s victory over “MANY”. Over many, not complete victory. See my point. Am I off on this? Let me know.

I also don’t see your average Joe Hebrew back in the day saying “I think David is a type of Messiah”.


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