Posted by: reformbama | October 7, 2010

“Do You Have Time To Get Fired Up”

Well now, so we have a desired to be fired up and do something for Christ. That this younger generation will do some great things. Now I am not saying they can’t but I am curious as to when they will find the time to do it. From what I have seen, I can see past the candy coating, many of the younger generation is spending way to much time being petty, throwing friends under the bus and doing the gossip thing. While making all their Facebook and Myspace statuses look good, what is really going on behind the scenes?  The following quote is from Paul Washer’s “Examine Yourself” sermon.

And I want to tell you something and I want to make it very, very clear. Do not listen to your heart. Listen to the Word of God. Do not listen to what your daddy says about your salvation.Do not listen to what your mother says about your salvation. Listen to the Word of God. Compare what you know about your secret life.Now, what did I say that for? So many of you young people, you have your parents so deceived it’s unbelievable, because externally you conform to their law, but it’s not your law. It’s not in your heart. And in the secret place, you know who you are. And then some of you who are not children, but adults, teenagers that are older that are out in the world, you go out there. You know who you are. Your mom and dad, they do not know. Some of you adults, church members do not know, but when you are out there by yourself, that’s the person I want you tocompare to the Word of God tonight. Not the one in here that looks pretty, not the one in here that’s got religious makeup on. No. The one out there when no one is looking. You take that person and compare him tonight to the Word of God and see if he stands. See if he stands.


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