Posted by: reformbama | October 7, 2010

“Haunted Houses And Being Scared”

This is going to be a strange post for this Reformed site. I need a little levity and if everyone participates it could be fun or not. I am just writing this off the cuff so there is no plan or reason to this. There may be no need for participation.

I know the “churches” stance on Halloween and I do not celebrate it. the only thing I celebrate on it is my daughters birthday. Which if we get to do what she wants it will be horrifying. She wants my wife and I to take her to T-town to watch Bama play. That’s a hard thing for an Auburn fan to do. But I love her and if we can afford it we will go.

I would like to know how many of you folks out there like haunted houses, if they scare you and what was your scariest/funniest moment in one.

They don’t scare me, have not found anything that scares me. I have been on four flights that almost or could have crashed.
May favorite one, because Delta felt bad because they tried to kill me and gave me a ton of first class upgrades, was a flight to Texas where I woke up to a stewardess telling us that one the planes engines died. I thought “Oh well, that explains that noise.”  What do I do, I go back to sleep.

Second one coming to B’ham from the ATL, while using one of those free upgrades, we either flew through or got struck  by lightening. I had just gotten to sleep, the drunk beside me had finally settled down, when that woke me up. Not sure if it was the big flash of light or the sudden drop which felt like a couple of thousand feet that woke me up. When I realized the plane was still functional I went back to sleep with the thoughts of “I wonder what Delta will do for me for this incident”. I did not get anything but that drunk guy by me sure did sober up.

Third time, flying into beautiful San Antonio, it was a very cloudy and foggy day. We start to land and as we break through the clouds and fog the pilot quickly realizes we are about to land on top of another jet. He throttles up all the way pulls back on the yoke and we start to climb, all the while the plane feels like it is shaking to pieces and I look at the wings and they are flapping like bird wings. I ask the lady that was sitting beside to wake me when we finally land.

Fourth time, flying into Chicago. The flight ahead of us got caught off guard by some serious turbulence and alot of people got thrown around on that flight along with beverage carts, people got hurt. We had plenty of warning so the carts got put up and everybody buckled up for the ride. And a ride it was. If you know me, I am a big guy, I was bouncing off of my seat a good 4 inches, it was more fun than a roller coaster, my laughing seemed to help some of those that were scared and heard my laptop in it’s padded case getting slung around in the overhead bin. In the end it had cracks in the plastic case. Beat the snot out of it.

I am saying all that to say, if all that “reality” did not scare me a made up so called haunted house just bores me unless I can make fun of those who think it is real and get the pee and snot scared out of them.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, do you fear? We are told not to fear. What is the worse/best thing that can happen? You die and go be with the Lord. Like Paul said “To die is gain”. Does fear hold you back from the great commission?

To those that do not believe, and would like to aim for that peace I and many others have toward death, I will be glad to talk to you about how to get that. Because my non believing readers you are under a great condemnation from a righteous and holy God and the horror you see in haunted houses or in the movies is nothing compared to an eternity in hell.



  1. Did you HAVE to tell all those plane stories a mere three weeks before I’m boarding Delta for San Antonio?

    • Oh, there are alot more than that, not all of them plane problems. Not because of those stories, I have chosen not to fly anymore. If I can drive it I am driving it. Tired of chasing bags and rental cars and dealing with security that is not really secure, will not tell you how many times a knife has gotten on board with me that I forgot was in my computer bag. Pulling me out of line to get checked while Middle easterners go on by.
      The only thing I miss about flying is the people watching. I have driven to San Antonio a few times. I once beat a fellow employee there by driving while he flew. He had all kind of flight problems and connection problems.

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