Posted by: reformbama | October 12, 2010

“One Day During The Great Awakening”

Quoting George Whitefield . . .At age 24.


Journal entry from Sunday, March 4, 1739 – – Arose much refreshed in spirit and gave my early attendants a warm exhortation as usual. Went to Newgate and preached with power to an exceedingly thronged congregation. Then hastened to Hanham Mount, three miles from the city, where the miners live altogether. God favoured us in the weather. Over four thousand were ready to hear me, and God enabled me to preach with the demonstration of the Spirit. The ground not being high enough, I stood upon a table and the sight of the people covering the green fields, and their deep attention, pleased me much. I hope that same Lord, who fed so many thousands with bodily bread, will feed all their souls with the Bread which cometh down from Heaven, for many came from far. At four in the afternoon, I went to the mount on Rose Green and preached to over fourteen thousand souls. God was so good to allow all to be able to hear me.I think it was worth while to come many miles to see such a sight. I spoke with great freedom, but thought all the while, as I do continually, when I ascend the mount, that hereafter I shall suffer, as well as speak, for my Master’s sake. Lord, strengthen me for that hour. Lord, I believe(O help my unbelief!) that Thy grace will be more sufficient for me.

In the evening I expounded [the Word of God] at Baldwin Street Society, but could not get up to the room without the utmost difficulty, as the entry and court were much filled with people. Blessed be God, the number of hearers much increases and as my day is, so is my strength.

Tonight I returned home much more refreshed in joy and longed to be dissolved and to be with Jesus Christ.
This has been a sabbath indeed to my soul!


Somehow our dear Whitefield did all that without props and gimmicks. He just faithfully preached the Word. People knew he did this and came from miles away to see him. Back then coming from miles away was not such an easy thing. Note that he would preach for an HOUR. Also note he does not make claim to “professions of faith” because Whitefield knew where the increase lay and plus there were no altar calls then nor had the “sinner’s prayer” been thought of yet.

Think on these things my friends, think on it hard.



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