Posted by: reformbama | November 8, 2010

“Then There’s Integration”

Taken from “The Next Generation” message given by Rick Holland

And by that I mean making the church as much like the world as possible. If we can make the church like the world, we’ll be okay. We have to ask ourselves, “Are we trying to moralize the unconverted, or convert the immoral?” That’s the question. Are we really trying to moralize the unconverted, or convert the immoral? Youth ministry is not about behavior modification. It’s not about changing them. It’s about seeing their heart changed. Look, psychology and Mormonism can change your behavior. I can change my dog’s behavior. That doesn’t change the heart. And the only thing that changes the heart is the gospel, and the only place the gospel is presented is in thorough and consistent and consecutive biblical exposition. Are you ready for this? Let me steal my own thunder. Junior high and senior high pastors ought to be the forefront expository preachers in the whole church. Do you wonder why they get to high school or college and they go, “Big church is boring”? That’s because they’ve had “Hey, Hi, Ho,” you know, “Dolly Madison” sermons.
I had a guy tell me one time, he says, “You know, I always put the Bible verse on a Power Point because the students don’t bring their Bible and I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. Can I just share something? I want every student who doesn’t have a Bible to feel out of place in our ministry, because that’s what we do. Can I tell you something? This may shock some of you guys. Church is about God. That’s a surprise to a lot of people in youth ministry. Church is about God. God is revealed in the scriptures. It’s not just about the beach day and Magic Mountain and a Dodger game and afterglows and fifth quarters and on and on and on. You say, “Are you against activities?” Absolutely not. We do the funnest, bestest, goodest activities at Grace Church of anything I know. We just have a blast. Just ask Eric Bancroft later about Megabox wars and The Great Race. And in college ministry we have.. .we call it Dinner and a Movie, where we spend about six months making a video, we all get together and have dinner and watch it and it’s hilarious and.. .we have a lot of fun in our ministry, but fun is in the context of spiritual priority. Spiritual growth doesn’t take place in the context of fun, it’s just the opposite.


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