Posted by: reformbama | December 13, 2010

“Let’s Check The Numbers”

A interesting Barna poll came out. For all you church growth guru’s that love to crunch numbers and takes surveys, Ed Stetzer, maybe you will take note of this. This time when you go to “fix” the problems let’s skip the surveys and church growth consultants and just go where the answers are. Where do you ask? Glad you asked. To the S.C.R.I.P.T.U.R.E.S !!

Now for rest of the story go here  “Six Megathemes Emerge from Barna Group Research in 2010”


I may or may not return to this and add more to this.

I do want to point to theme #1 in the article, because I know most of you will not go check it out:

1. The Christian Church is becoming less theologically literate.
What used to be basic, universally-known truths about Christianity are now unknown mysteries to a large and growing share of Americans–especially young adults. For instance, Barna Group studies in 2010 showed that while most people regard Easter as a religious holiday, only a minority of adults associate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Other examples include the finding that few adults believe that their faith is meant to be the focal point of their life or to be integrated into every aspect of their existence. Further, a growing majority believe the Holy Spirit is a symbol of God’s presence or power, but not a living entity. As the two younger generations (Busters and Mosaics) ascend to numerical and positional supremacy in churches across the nation, the data suggest that biblical literacy is likely to decline significantly. The theological free-for-all that is encroaching in Protestant churches nationwide suggests the coming decade will be a time of unparalleled theological diversity and inconsistency.


“Six Megathemes Emerge from Barna Group Research in 2010”




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