Posted by: reformbama | December 31, 2010

“400 Years Of KJV”

Next year is the 400th anniversary of the KJV. I’m glad to have read it, glad to know it, but also glad not to be chained to it. The Washington Times did a good article on its making and impact. Among the things I learned: the KJV was based on the Great Bible, and “because the ‘Great Bible’ drew on Tyndale’s translations, the 16th-century ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ entered into the King James Version, even though they were long departed from common usage.” I did not know that latter fact. – From Dan Philips, like Dan I am not chained to it either. I like reading the Psalms in KJV.

I prefer the NASB but starting to like the ESV more and more.


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