Posted by: reformbama | January 26, 2011

“Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings…”

As I have  noted last year sucked and this year has not been much better so far. Shame on me for whining about it. It is what it is, so just pass me some cheese to go with my whine. An aged cheddar or nicely smoked guda.

Let me let you in on a secret, I listen to secular music. There, it’s out. I stay away from country and hip hop and rap. I am more of a hard rock close to heavy kind of guy.  However I do choose my music to have clean lyrics and music that does not have any sexual content in it. I have chunked many a secular CD. The two bands I listen too most are Alter Bridge and Creed. Mostly AB. When listening to Alter Bridge you can tell that Myles Kennedy has struggled with faith sometime in his life. HSAT, let me get to my point. So since it has been a not so good year I have tended to turn my mp3 player to Alter Bridge, listening to it now, Blackbird album. I know I should be listening to some kind of praise music or some kind of hymn. Let me be blunt about it NOT IN THE MOOD FOR IT, plus when my heart gets skewed what’s the point in throwing out some “don’t mean it” kind of worship to God. YOU CAN”T COME AS YOU ARE TO WORSHIP. I read the Word when I get like this, currently reading through Job.

Back to the point again, you know what I feel sometimes when I listen to AB, I get the tinglies, like when Mark Tremonti lays down an awesome riff and just rips it and if a good bass line comes across, or when Myles Kennedy hits certain notes as he sings. Let me share something else with you, I get the same feelings when listening to alot these  “praise” bands/songs we have. Pumped up music creates pumped up emotions. I’ve seen it numerous times at youth events. You get the music rhythm just right and you can get a group of youth get exited about anything. You ever noticed how that excitement disappears when they get back from a “Basement” type affair or any other high octane event. You got to keep sending them back. It even happens to the old folks.

“As a pastor I again and again observed folks who could never be content in a church that seeks to be Christ-centered, and to preach the Word, if it doesn’t engage in certain peripheral activities. They can’t “feel the Spirit” without certain worship-styles, entertainments, play-times. For them, “feeling the Spirit”—not preaching Christ—is the be-all and end-all.” – Dan Phillips


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