Posted by: reformbama | January 27, 2011

The Benefit Of Reading Old Dead Guys

If any of you know me know that I am a voracious reader, a speed reader at that, and can retain what I read and comprehend what I read. There are books that I do read slow, well slower. One is the Bible and the others are written by a bunch of dead men. Their sermons, which have been put into books, are so well thought out and written you have to go slow, you want to go slow and absorb all you can. Read a page and go back and read it again. There is not one modern author that makes me want to do that. Not even my favorite authors, MacArthur, Baucham and a few others.
I purchased a book not too long ago from Solid Ground book store, the only book store of worth around where I live. Nothing but solid books. The name of the book is “Precious Seed” Discourses by Scottish Worthies. This is a book of sermons from Scottish pastors ranging from the 1700’s to the 1800’s. From the likes of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Thomas Chalmers, Thomas M’Crie, Robert Gordon just to name a few.
One thing that I noticed in these sermons, NONE OF THE PASTORS TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES. Like a pastor I know that almost always brings a story about his dog into his sermon or you get the “When I was the regional manager…” stories. The object is always Christ. Always pointing to Christ. It is also evident by reading these sermons none of the pastors were concerned about stepping on toes or their jobs. No jokes, not saying that humor is wrong if kept to a certain limit. They took the Word of God seriously and their job of sanctifying the sheep and proclaiming the Gospel. None of this carnal junk that has been brought into the church. Like a spin the bottle sermon I saw advertised recently. These sermons are long. Probably took an hour or more to preach. No altar calls. They knew how salvation worked.


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