Posted by: reformbama | February 3, 2011

“The Visit”

Now is the time to give some of my observations of a church I have been attending. All of them good!
Some of you know that I am hindered by way to many pet peeves. Most of them are listed in different categories and by degree of peevishness. Most of them are warranted. This church takes away one my pet peeves. The meet and greet at church after the worship service starts. Let’s face it, the meet and greet is a waste of time. We act like no one is talking between Bible study class and worship service. Let’s look at the M&G from a more serious light. When we stop worship service we take the focus from our jealous God and put it on people. It’s like “Wait a moment God, I want to ask Wolfe what he thought about Bama losing to Auburn on Saturday “ Or someone may be talking about that monster deer they killed. Then we have the worship leader trying to herd all the little social grasshoppers back to their seats. Sure, everyone is focused on God now. Do you see the problem with that?

They make you feel very welcomed without the M&G.
Expository preaching and Christ centered. They read a chapter from the OT, one from the NT and a chapter read in which the sermon is pulled from.
Zero, let me say that number again, ZERO fluff.
The pastor does not ramble on with story after story about himself.
First church I have been to in awhile that when they sing from a hymnal sounds like the whole church is singing and everyone is alive. Been in churches where everyone participates in a contemporary praise song and when they hit a hymnal the place sounds dead. And to cover another pet peeve, the worship leader does not jump ahead real quick and sing the first few words of the next line while your are still on the previous line, as if you can’t follow a song.
Being that it is an FIC church the whole family is worshiping together. It’s the youth and younger children that will catch your eye. From what I could see, could not see everyone, if they were old enough to read they had a Bible out and following the pastor as he led us through out the Bible running down Scripture. Many of them taking notes. Sitting still and being attentive. You could go to one of them after the service and ask them what it was about and they could tell you. Pretty sure you will not get the normal “I don’t know what he talked about but that youth pastor dude sure can play some Xbox”
They don’t dumb down the message for the youth and children. They get taught what the adults are taught.
Something that is very important to me, solid teaching, even from the pinch hitter they had the previous week. I have been blessed or cursed, seems like a curse most of the time, with discernment.  I call it my discernment radar. The screen did not even blip once. Most of the time in other churches I have been to, my radar screen is filled with bogies.
More to come…




  1. Love this post! Wholeheartedly agree too. 🙂

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