Posted by: reformbama | February 5, 2011

“Once Upon A Time …”

…. In a Sunday School conference the attendees were told to get tables out of their SS class room. “Why someone asked?” Because one time at a church not so far away, a visitor sat in some one’s accustomed seat. That person asked them to move. So instead of addressing the person’s heart it was determined to remove tables from the SS class room. “Wow”, some Purpose Drivel follower said, and added “That should be done everywhere, in every class!”  Anyone besides me see the flaw. That terrible guy that wanted his spot, surprised they did not kick him out of church, would just transfer it to another spot, with or without a table. If says get out of my seat after that, then what are you going to do? Remove chairs completely? Then what is he says “Your standing in my spot” What are you going to do then?

Ladies and gentlemen that is one symptom of the JG virus.

Another symptom of the JG virus is the rampant fear of a member parking in a visitor spot and not leaving any spots up close for visitors. Oh the humanity! Because one of two things could happen. A potential visitor could drive away and go to another church and join it, oh my! Or a potential visitor may be lost and if he/she could not get a parking spot up close will drive away on the “Highway To Hell”.

Which leads me to a question, “How long can you be a visitor and keep parking in the visitor spot?” A visitor may never join the church.



  1. I have an embarrassing and terrible confession to make… I actually talked my husband into delaying joining a church one time because we got such lovely treatment as visitors AND because the nursery committees, preschool committees, worship care committees, VBS committees and Sunday school committees were all lined up salivating waiting for the day we joined so they could devour me like piranha.

    We eventually did join and I did my required “service”, just so you don’t think me a complete slacker. 🙂

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