Posted by: reformbama | February 6, 2011

“Throwing The Baby Out With…”

….. The bath water and lack of reading comprehension.

Some of these watchdog blogs are getting out of hand. Splitting hairs. One of my favorite bloggers over at Pyromaniacs has started doing these “Open Letter” to whomever posts. One was a well written one to The Whitehorse Inn guys written by Frank Turk. I thought it was well written, but a waste of bytes. Then Frank writes another open letter to John Piper thanking him for all his work in the ministry. It was in no way defending Piper’s crazy big mistake for inviting Rick Warren to the last Desiring God conference. So now we have another blogger, Mike Ratliff, whose writing I love when he teaches us about Scripture. Mike has written an “Open Letter” to Frank Turk.

He claims Frank went on an all out defense for Piper. I don’t see it. Go read the blogs yourselves and let me know what y’all think.

Frank is hit hard by the commenter’s and has a slight convo with Mike in them. Frank asks him for some specifics and Mike cannot give them. I have noticed in the watch dogs blogs  that if anyone gives credit to anyone on the “watch list” for something good they have done they get hammered. Then start demanding they repent. Like Tim Challies did for saying something good about Rick Warren.

Mike has also said since Piper invited Warren to DGC he has since thrown all of Pipers books away and took his links off of his website.
That bothers me. Just because Piper has done something out of character does that make all the solid books he wrote useless? Now I would be wary of anything new he writes for time until he comes back around and I hope he does. Just like I hope Rick Warren sees the light and comes around. Now if Warren were to do that and writes a solid book do you ignore it completely because of his past?

Like I said, go read the posts and comments and get back to me and let me know what you think.


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