Posted by: reformbama | February 12, 2011

“Follow Up To … “

…… Throwing the baby out.

Previously I mentioned a part-time watch blogger out there saying he threw out all his John Piper stuff because Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at a Desiring God conference. First I want to say that it was a big mistake on Piper’s part for doing so. On top of that I have been hearing of some weird stuff Piper has been doing.

I would like some feed back to a couple of Q’s I have:

1. Why would you throw out everything someone has wrote that was solid? Why not start chunking books at the start of their doctrinal slide?

2. When do you start reading anything from someone that started out with unsound doctrine, like say Rick Warren? After one solid book, two books? Or a year after he starts showing he has changed?

I can’t believe I am going to say this. Rick Warren does say some good stuff every now and then, but because of his track history I’ll never quote him or suggest books by him unless he makes a turn.

Do stop using Piper quotes of past works because of what he is doing now?

Input is welcomed.


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