Posted by: reformbama | February 15, 2011

“Sons Of Anarchy”

This is mostly about ME. I am not a TV cop telling anyone what to watch or am I your conscience. So don’t come over here slamming me.

If there is a flaw of mine that really bothers me, and there are many, it would be my TV watching. My main shows I watch most, not in any order, or it may be in an order due to my sub conscience, are The Unit, NCIS, Burn Notice, House and Kitchen Nightmares. Note that the first three are of military spec ops type of shows. House because I love the psychology (only class I ever aced in HS) being played around in it and Kitchen Nightmares just because I like it, and a little psychology going on there too. I mean you ask a successful restaurant owner to come in and help your failing business and you want to argue with him. Now that’s entertaining to me.

Now one night there was nothing on TV worth watching, is there really anything worth watching, and my surfing stopped on Sons of Anarchy. As I watched it I started liking it and started rooting for the bad guys. Well I guess you say not so bad as the other guys. I watched a few before I pulled myself away from it. It was an odd feeling liking people on a TV show that in the real world you would want to see behind bars for gun running and selling drugs. In the real world they could be selling drugs to your kids. Yet I found myself along with, I am sure, many other viewers getting wrapped up in it hoping that they would not get caught.

I realize I need to stop watching my other shows I watch. Be careful folks you can get sucked into TV very easy.

BTW, I hope that guy got his son back in SOA.



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