Posted by: reformbama | February 19, 2011

“She Was Doing Good Until …”

…. she grabed that book and it then it went downhill from there. Oh, you have a puzzled look. Let me start from the beginning then.

I was at a place that sells books today and right after I got done flipping all the Rick Warren trash around so people would not be tempted to get them, this lady comes up near me and starts looking at all the books in this section. They are all jumbled up and not in any order, so she is standing there just a scanning and I see her hand pause near John MacArthur’s book  “Twelve Ordinary Men”. I start sending my thoughts to her saying “Get that one, go ahead get it. You can do it, get that book!” She picks it up and read the book jackets and throws it in her buggy. She looks some more. She is close to getting another good book, one by John Piper. I am throwing my thoughts at her again. She picks up the book flips through it, and throws it into the buggy! YES! I am thinking I have me some mental powers now! Then I lose my mental powers of telepathic persuasion. I see he hand dart to a Father Manning book and I am screaming in my head at her “NO! DON’T DO IT!” And she does, book goes into the buggy. Then more, forgive me for saying this, CRAP goes into her buggy. She should have quit at the first two books.

This got me to thinking about what John MacArthur calls Patchwork Theology. It is the sampling of bits and pieces of bad and sometimes good things concerning theology. Your theology looks like quilt when it is said and done.

That is what that lady was doing. I do not know why she grabbed the books she did. Was it because of the book cover, subject sounded interesting? I hope she is a student doing a study between good teachers and bad teachers.


Here is a video on that kook Father Manning.



  1. Good grief! Never heard of Father Manning and now I see I haven’t missed anything.

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