Posted by: reformbama | February 25, 2011

Paul Washer Leads Grizzly Adams to Christ

Well not really Grizzly Adams but close to it, read on.

I was preaching in Canada just… Actually they told me it was like 30 kilometers fromAlaska. There were more grizzly bears in the town than there were people, really. It was alittle church of about 15, 20 people and I was preaching. And right when I got up in thepulpit this mountain of a man walked in in his 60s, early 70s, but just a mountain of aman. He could have whipped every one of us in this building.And as I preached, as I saw his face, I just threw everything away and started preachingthe gospel. He was the saddest human being I have ever seen. Just gospel, gospel andwhen I got done I walked right from the pulpit to him. I said, “Sir, what is wrong. What is troubling your soul? I have never seen a man so sadand down hearted in all my life?”And he pulled out a manila envelope and it had some x-rays which I couldn’t understand,but he said this. “I just came from the doctor. I am going to die in three weeks.” That iswhat he told me. “Now I have lived all my life on a working cattle ranch. You can onlyget there by float plane or riding horses across the mountains and all this stuff.” He said,“I have never been to church. I have never read a Bible. I believe there is a God and onetime I heard somebody talking about some guy named Jesus.” He said, “I have neverbeen afraid of anything in my life and I am terrified.”I said, “Sir, did you understand the message, the gospel?”He said, “Yes.”Now what would have a great majority of preachers done at that moment?“Well, would you like to ask Jesus to come into your heart?”That is what they would have done.I said, “Sir, you understood it.”He said, “I understood it, but is that it? Is that just…” He said, “A child could haveunderstood that. Anybody. Is that all it is that I understand it and I pray or…?”I said, “Sir, you are going to die in three weeks. I have to leave tomorrow. I will cancel my plane ticket and we will stay here over the Scriptures wrestling and crying out to God until you are either converted or you die and go to hell.”And so we began. I began in the Old Testament, the New Testament, every verse of Scripture dealing with the promises of God regarding redemption and salvation, over and over, time after time, reading John 3:16, praying for a while, crying out to God,questioning the man regarding repentance, regarding faith, regarding assurance, working till Christ be formed in him.And then, finally, just exhausted that evening there was no breakthrough, there wasnothing. And I said, “Sir, let’s pray.” And we prayed.I said, “Sir, read John 3:16 again.”He said, “We have read this a million times.”I said, “I know, but it is one of the greatest promises of salvation. Read that text again.” And I will never forget. He had my Bible on his lap in those big mountainous hands of his and he said, “Ok.” He said, “For God so loved the world, that He gave…I’m saved.I’m saved. Brother Paul, all my sins are gone. I have eternal… I’m saved. I mean…”I said, “How do you know?”He said, “Haven’t you ever read this verse before?”What was going on? A working of the Spirit of God instead of those little tricks you try.What you want to go eat. What you think preaching is a spectacle and after that you go back to the hotel? No, after the preaching is when the work begins. Dealing with souls.People come forward in meetings for counsel by someone who shouldn’t be counseling.Five minutes, they are given the… Quick, give the card to the pastor and the pastor says,“I would like to present to you a new child of God. Welcome him into the family of God.”How dare you?If you are going to present him, say this. “This man tonight has made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. And because of our fear of God and our love for the souls of men we will  now be working with him to make sure that Christ has truly been formed in him, that he truly has a biblical understanding of repentance and faith and great assurance and joy in the Holy Spirit. That is what we are going to do.”Look what we have done. I plead with you. Look what we are doing. And this is not some cult. This is us. Stop it. Stop it.



  1. LOVE THIS!!!

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