Posted by: reformbama | March 8, 2011

Easy Question

I suppose my earlier question was too hard. Over 30 views and one comment. Tsk, Tsk.

Let’s try an easier question.

What is the extent of Christ’s atonement?



  1. The extent of Christ’s atonement… is limited to those whom the Father has given Christ (Jn 17:9). It is a particular redemption to where God’s elect will be saved and not one sheep will be lost or forgotten (Jn 10:28). It is not an atonement to all, but to the elect (mt 22:14), so to see to it that not a drop of Christ’s blood had to be in vein.

  2. “had to be in vein.”

    That’s clever. The blood in his “veins” was not shed in “vain.”

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