Posted by: reformbama | March 10, 2011

A Prompting Of God Or Money?

Have you ever wonder what prompts some pastors leave a church? They all say, for the most part, that God told them to. This has always begged a question. “Why are they almost always “called” to a bigger, more prestigious church and for more money? Do they ever make a lateral move? You know for the same money or same type of church. Or do they ever downgrade? Smaller church less money.

Then you have pastors like John MacArthur who have been tending the same flock for years. John has been at Grace Community Church for 40 years. You would think a pastor of his knowledge and his faithfully handling the word of God would be called by God to go from church to church to help them grow. Well at least that would be the way of man’s thinking.

Now this does not apply to associate pastors. I am talking about the head honcho of the church.

What are your thoughts?


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