Posted by: reformbama | March 12, 2011

Death By Beauty

As I was sitting on my mom-in-law’s front porch I was looking at her pecan tree and noticed something. It is fighting for it’s life. It has been for years. It survived a purification by fire when my in-laws house caught on fire and was destroyed 17 years ago.

Some years ago someone thought planting ivy around the tree was a good idea. The ivy sure is pretty growing up and around the tree and extending along it’s branches, but it is sucking the life out of it. Has not produced any fruit for years now.

Where am I going with this? It shows a problem with the church. We have planted something pretty around the church that makes the Gospel more likable and appealing to the lost out there and it is choking the life out of the church. Adding things to the church that are not need for the church to grow. Like the pecan tree, when left alone to work it’s life to God’s plan it will produce fruit at the rate that God designed it to do. God does not need our help.



  1. Great post! We reclaimed a tree a few years back by cutting down all the ivy at the base. It had dead vines in it for a few years (those we couldn’t reach) and JUST THIS YEAR it’s starting to bloom and look alive again.

    Hope your pecan tree does better than the modern church will.

    • Like with the modern church, trying to convince someone to cut the bad roots is hard to do. It looks so pretty!

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