Posted by: reformbama | March 16, 2011

Such A Sad State

I once did a note on Facebook talking about the difference between “professed” and “confessed” as applied to the Christian side of things.

Wish I could find it and post it here. If you want to know the difference then go Google it. Get your Webster’s dictionary out. I can’t do everything for you.

I have many “professed” Christians run across my blog. I have found that many PC’s can’t make back their beliefs up with the Bible. I posted a quote in a blog post asking people to tell me if they thought it was a solid quote or not. Asked them to back up their thoughts by using Scripture. Out of numerous hits on my post only two commented. That tells me one of two things. Either people are rude by stopping by and not participating 🙂 or they just don’t have the knowledge to back up their beliefs. Personally I think they can’t back it up. Many may have recognized the quote from their little cool and hip idol. They are scared to find out the truth. Afraid to let go of the worldly fun stuff. They love having their ears tickle. They are trying to plant their feet in the world and in Christ. They will never take root in Christ unless both feet are planted along with heart mind and soul. Romans 12:1-2 seems to be the life verse for most youth groups. It’s just a motto for those that send their youth to the Basement. If you disagree with me, bring your Bible. No message paraphrase. This is a challenge to those of you trying to hold onto both worlds now. Come on back up your belief up…



  1. I think Romans 12 would make most youth group folks cringe. It’s hard to say you’re not conforming to the world while racing to shove a sleeve of saltines in your mouth to the beat of a hard rock band in opening assembly.

    If they think they are being transformed by the renewing of their mind and participating in youth group “Bachelor” or , then the scales on their eyes are too thick to fathom.

  2. I should have re-read this more than 5 times. Always find the errors after I have posted. I’ll leave them in for people to make fun of me.

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