Posted by: reformbama | March 17, 2011

Protestant Or Not

It’s that time of year again where we turn rivers green and wear green and pinch people that don’t in honor of a Roman Catholic priest.

This is another one of those holidays that the Roman Catholic church took over from the pagans, depending on what source you get your information from.

This is/was a RC holiday. Why are protestants celebrating. There is a reason we are Protest(ants).

Like other holidays it has turned into an excuse to go out and get drunk. As if people need an excuse to get drunk.

I know I am nit picking here, but I am bored. Waiting to go to the doc to see what is wrong with my foot.


Now here is a link provided by friend Wolfe that shows that SP was not your normal RC. Like I said depends on your source. Go read it.

Which leads me with this thought. SP seemed humble. Would he appreciate this holiday and all the statues erected in his honor. Who seems to be getting glory here.



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