Posted by: reformbama | March 18, 2011

Picking From Rob Bell

Let’s face it Rob Bell is a heretic. So why use anything he does or uses? But Reformed In Bama he is a gifted communicator! And I say “So what?!?” and you “But we can learn to connect” and I say again “So what?!?”

All of you pastora and teachers that warn your congregations to be discerning and would warn against Rob Nohell admit to his “usfullness” and say you can learn to connecct with people from him are showing those placed in your care a double standard. There are many solid pastors and gifted communicators to learn from. So why bother with Rob Nohell?

Frankly if you have been called to be a preacher then you have been gifted with what you need. Just preach the truth and let the Holy Spirit do the job He is suppose to do. You limit God when you think you have to be clever.

More later when I can get on the internet. Sending this one in from my phone….



  1. Hitler was also a gifted communicator. 🙂

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