Posted by: reformbama | April 6, 2011

NFL Players Are

I can’t call them what I want to call them so lets go with selfish jerks. Same goes with pro baseball players and any pros that “play” for a living. Let’s throw actors in there.

I understand it is a tough sport players get hurt. I know this sounds a bit liberal on my part but how many more millions do you have to make? I used to love football at any level but the NFL and their primadonnas and hold outs have ruined it for me. It must be great to have made a few million in previous years so you can sit back and do nothing and demand more money. From what I understand this latest problem has to do with players wanting to know how much money team owners are making so they can get more money.

What does the NFL really do for the country. Give us another excuse to drink beer, not to go to church on Sunday. Sit around for hours and get nothing accomplished. That’s just a few things.

As opposed to a group of super hard charging workers out there that get paid a whole lot less and their work is dangerous. The American service man. Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy.

They actually do something worth while. For very little pay.

Pat Tillman left the NFL to join the Army after 911 and was killed in Afghanistan. By friendly fire of all things. Y’all do not do his memory justice.

I realize many of our troops watch the NFL and don’t have the thoughts I have about you that I do. They are not selfish.

So NFL player suck it up that you can’t have 4 homes and have to settle for three. One Lamborghini instead of two. Get my point. Be thankful for what you have. I bet there is some soldier’s wife driving a clunker out there and is happy to have it even though she has to jump start everyday.


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