Posted by: reformbama | April 10, 2011

Coffee & Church

I was thinking on the way to church this morning and listening to a sermon full of supposition and drinking my coffee.

I drink my coffee black now, did not always do that. I was a cream and sugar guy. Now only those of you that ever drank coffee with C&S and went to drinking it black will get this.

Think of a cup of coffee as the True church. Now when I first started drinking coffee I tried it black. It was bitter and strong, kinda hard to take. Doctrinally sound churches can be that way. So I started adding C&S to it to make it palatable (kinda like what most churches do with the Gospel). So one day for the sake of my health, yes ARM you read correctly, and the fact that I got tired of filling the sugar and creamer containers up at work because someone used the last of it and was too lazy to fill them back up :-). I found after time that I enjoyed that strong bitter taste. Like a doctrinally sound church it is good for you. A while back I tried me a cup of coffee with C&S and could not stand it, I poured it out. It’s like when I visit C&S churches and start reading a C&S book or hear about a C&S dynamic youth leader that works below ground level.

So do you attend a C&S church. Or is your church untainted and natural?



  1. I must admit I did do a double-take on the health part! 😀

    I like my churches strong too. 🙂

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