Posted by: reformbama | April 11, 2011


Well this year it looks like I may make it to a Resurrection Sunday Sermon. For awhile I have avoided going to church on Easter.

Let’s stop here for a second. I don’t like to use “Easter” but will for brevity. That’s for another post.

Why have I avoided church on Easter? Because frankly most sermons have lacked. From a man I use to admire whose Easter sermon consisted of video of him contemplating and listening to songs that helped him through seminary. It was a me centered sermon for sure. Christ got about 10 minutes at the end. If the church was seeker friendly it is even more so on Easter. They pull out all the stops to make everything palatable for the so called “seekers”. Egg hunts and bunnies abound. They forget Ephesians 4:12. They gear up for all the once, twice a year church goers showing up in their new clothes saying look at me, look at me. So my family and I just clear out and make room for them and catch a great sermon on the internet.

All that hustle and bustle and all they need to do is put Christ before them and let them deal with Him. Kill the fluff and preach Christ crucified! Preach the truth without concern for their feelings, if they really cared they would preach that way. Don’t be like the pastor that came up to me trembling because he had a hard message for the congregation to handle, really was not that hard of a message, tremble that you may not preach it correctly, that you may offend God! Don’t worry about offending man!

Now this year, at the church I am attending, you will not be able to keep me out. The sermons are fully Christ centered.



  1. Amen, amen and amen!!!!

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