Posted by: reformbama | April 22, 2011


Of all the doctrines for folks to argue about with anger in most cases would be –>


Why? I know we should know the truth and to seek the truth in Scripture and we are to get it right. Maybe it is because I sit on the fence post on this one. I am still trying to nail down the attributes of God and Calvinism to worry about what happens to the Jews at the end. That may be wrong of me but that is the way it is. To me this is one of those doctrines we don’t need to fight over. Discuss and learn from each other, yes.

Joel Taylor over at 5pt. Salt took John MacArthur to task over this issue. I am not defending MacArthur because he can take care of himself and if need be Phil Johnson will do it. I don’t idolize him so I don’t get flustered if someone talks about him. Let’s say Joel’s tone was a little rough over this. May be that I don’t know enough about it. I have other fish to fry before I get into studying this doctrine in detail.

I have heard both arguments and neither one really sways me one way or another.

So dear readers, is this a doctrine to get bent out of shape over? Opinions are welcomed.

If any of you know of a source that will firmly place my feet in one camp or another.




    This is the first of a series. Follow the series on the web site. This is why I get bent out of shape over the dispensationalist misunderstanding of the redemption of Jesus Christ and the blood of the everlasting covenant..
    Prepare to have your feet set brother.

    • You got anything in written form? Is this guy trustworthy?

      J.K. about the trustworthy.

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