Posted by: reformbama | May 6, 2011

Who would you vote for?

Taking a survey here. Please participate and explain your answers with Scriptural support if you can/will.

Which would you vote for president of the USA? There only two choices in this election.

A proven Christian that would just mess everything up and has no concept of how to interpret the Constitution. With zero experience in the business world, been in involved off and on in politics for a while. Good talker, has all his talking points down. He is the ONLY Christian in the race.


An atheist who understands the Constitution and will uphold the rights promised with in it. Truly understands it. And is a morally good person. Is anti gay marriage and anti abortion. Now this guy would do everything right, and because he believes in the constitution he will do his best to bring prayer back into school. The economy will get going, jobless rates would drop and he will prove Global warming wrong.

So who are you going to vote for?



  1. Neither. I’ll get back to you on support since I’m having to type on handed at the moment.

  2. Neither. All the politicians I can think of who claimed to be Christian (presidents and senators and reps) are liars. Except maybe 1. And it isn’t Mike Huckabee.

    • In my little exercise this one is true. Makes Charles Spurgeon seem a backslid-den Baptist. The other politician would make a wonderful Christian because he is so morally sound.

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