Posted by: reformbama | May 15, 2011

Get The Little Things Right.

I realize understanding Who God Is not entirely as a whole is not a little thing. However there are certain attributes we should be able to get. I have noticed for a long time, from reading blogs and FaceBook & MySpace status’s that many out there don’t even get the little things.

God is HOLY. Never for a moment is He not Holy! Think before you say God does something, think back to the attribute.

Like Christ is sitting at the right hand of God because “It. Is. Finished.”

And this continual making the Trinity into personal genies is going way overboard.

Thinking that satan can control them so they don’t feel guilty about their sin.

Let me leave you with this word and the quote.


‎”Let us search the Scriptures more deeply and pray over them more heartily. Too many believers only scratch the surface of Scripture, and know nothing of digging down into its hidden treasures.” ~ J.C. Ryle


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