Posted by: reformbama | May 19, 2011


Have you ever had to struggle with a sinful temption? One that you have never had a struggle with before?

I have a couple of things that has been nagging and pulling at me. One reason why is that I have not been in the Word as much as I normally am. Add that with the constant bombardment of “Insert Issue Here” you/I will struggle.

That is your Basic Christian Living 101 class for the day.



  1. All the time, Mark, all the time! It’s a daily struggle for me as well and like you I find that the less I give of my time in God’s word the more the temptations invade my life.
    My problem is remembering to let go and let God….I fail to allow Him to take over when I’ve done my part although sometimes I feel my part doesn’t even begin to touch or meet His part halfway. I’m struggling too but I find comfort in Hebrews 2:18…”Since He himself has gone through suffering and testing, He is able to help us when we are being tested.” Praying for you my friend.

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