Posted by: reformbama | May 21, 2011

Christian Readers

Dear Readers, some of you are dearer than others, my favorite bookstore is in trouble and needs your prayers. They posted this on FaceBook today.

Keep us in prayer as our sales have been extremely low for the past two months. It seems no matter how much we discount the books people just are not buying. If it were not for the Lord we would have closed our doors. As it is I am now running the business all alone, as my most recent assistant relocated back home to Texas. I am learning the basics of the business all over again.

I have not been able to give them much business due to my job situation, which has changed, or I would be buying books from them.

I am writing this to “Christian Readers” that seem to have zero discernment and/or think they can read crap without being influenced by said crap. The reason SGCB store is not selling many books is this – “THEY DON’T SELL CRAP!”  You will not find The Shack, Purpose Driven Life, Heaven is Real, 90 minutes in heaven, Wild At Heart, Your Best Life Now, any Rob Bell books and the list goes on. If it is a best seller in the secular world then most likely ain’t worth the paper it is printed on. If there are a hundred copies of a “Christian” book on prominent display at Books A Million then it is probably worthless. LifeWay Book Stores are not all that great at having Solid books, same with the Amen corner.

So do yourself a favor go buy all your Christian Books at Solid Ground Christian Bookstore. Yes, many of them may step on your toes and not give you the Osteen fuzzy feelings. They will give you the correct fuzzy feel good feelings after you are convicted about something.

Go to Solid Ground Books and check them out

And for a great web site to keep you from buying crap go here, they review books.

Be gentle in your comments, I am sure I have step on toes. Only because I love all of you.



  1. I love Solid Ground. I hope he can keep it going. We need them!

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