Posted by: reformbama | June 2, 2011

I Scare Myself…


I have found my thoughts straying out and far away from my thoughts normal territory. Even in the middle of doing theology study.

This has been a year and a half (plus some) of struggle. Best friend passed away, loss of a job and trying to get a horse to drink water. I drag him there and he will not drink.

A lot of time of prayers not being answered THE WAY “I” I WOULD LIKE THEM.

With all that said I will still run the race (gauntlet) toward the prize.
I find peace’ when I can get still and corral my thoughts’ in the fact that I have a Holy and Sovereign God.

My greatset prayer is to get that horse to drink. I hope I can keeper dragging to the living water. He claims he has drank it before, I was there, looked like he did. Then he was turned loose in someone elses corral for a long time.

I am afraid the horse is going to have to go through being broken with a cut bit in his mouth. Afraid it will be messy.

Yes folks this post is a rambling mess but I had to unload.

Go hug a Pelegian today and tell them about Calvin!



  1. Praying for your horse… know a few of them myself.

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