Posted by: reformbama | June 3, 2011

Mom, Dad, Thank You Almost 100%

Hey Mom and Dad,

I want thank both of you for the work ethic that the both of you have instilled in me. However there are times it backfires. Like when at work some one has dropped the ball and I am left wandering around trying find something to do. I go NUTS!. I don’t want to stand around and shoot the breeze. I’d rather not take my 2 10 minute breaks. I have to do something productive. I know, grab a broom and sweep. That is alot of money to pay someone to sweep and clean up. So anymore this downtime and I will eventually go insane for getting paid for doing nothing.

And another thing, teaching me to appreciate my job. Which makes it hard to listen to your fellow employees complain all the time about their job. Don’t take my previous statement that I don’t appreciate my job.


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