Posted by: reformbama | June 13, 2011

Two Extremes?

Hey, ignore this post. Wrote on my phone in about ten minutes during break at work. Did not turn out the way I wanted. You were warned. Proceed with caution.

There are two extremes out there in the church world they say. The “The Take Care Of & Train The Flock Camp” and the “Reach The Lost At Any Cost Camp, even at the expense of the flock camp”. The Lost at all cost tends to push love the lost to the point of forgetting fellow believers. The Lost at all cost camp tends to starve the ones wanting to dig deep into the Word and would thrive with discipline. What the Lost at All Cost camp does not realize is that is you take care of the saints, teach them and equio them and discipline when needed, there will be an increase of those reaching the lost. It would be more effective.



  1. Hey there,

    Isn’t it fairer to call these the two extremes: “Reach The Lost At Any Cost Camp, even at the expense of the flock camp” vs the “Take Care Of & Train The Flock Camp, even at the expense of the lost camp.”

    The point being the myopic few in sterile churches with no heart for the dead and dying miss out on being instruments in God’s redemptive plan even as the wishy washy culturally sensitised seeker friendlies miss out on being relevant to God as they clamour to be relevant to man.

    Oh how I wish there where more caring, teaching, reaching believers out there.

    Am I smoking my socks?

    • Mark, I did that little post from my phone at break and ran out of time. It is hard to follow what you are writing when you can’t see the whole screen. I just let it go and see what happens, I have an English major that runs through here, it will give her fits.

      The point I was trying to get to as I was running out of time was that if a church was functioning properly and the being equipped for God’s work and has a good understanding of the Gospel. Pastor leading by example there will be an overflow of love for the lost. This is not to say you should never talk about evangelizing the lost. Then again if the Bible is being taught correctly that will come out. So this will not happen

      “Take Care Of & Train The Flock Camp, even at the expense of the lost camp.” These quotes kinda led me along this line of thought
      ‎”When a lesser Gospel is preached, the church fills up with carnal men. The maintenance of such men is a heavy burden upon the church.” ~ Paul Washer

      Many evangelicals seem convinced that man has become too complex a being to be saved by such a simple and scandalous message as the Gospel. – Paul Washer

      More time is now given to understanding cultural trends than to understanding and proclaiming the Message that has the power to save culture. – Paul Washer

  2. I hear you on the time thing and know you well enough to have a pretty good idea of where you were coming from before you even replied.

    So then why did I respond? Because I read what you write and care enough to challenge; Because I believe we must guard against playing the man instead of the ball (2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa has really been playing havoc on my ability to come up with original metaphors).

    Do you mind?

    • Challenge away! If i am ever off base please correct…

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