Posted by: reformbama | June 21, 2011

Just a thought..

Now before anyone gets riled up over what I am about to ask just think about the question. It is just to get you thinking.

Now if atheist leave God out of our Pledge Of allegiance  is that not more pleasing to God. Would it not be better if the pagans drawn into church by gadgets and gizmos and coffee were not to worship God and just go home. Get your concordance out and see what Scripture says about pagan worship….



  1. I think you meant the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Correct me if I’m wrong. Since I found out who wrote it I don’t repeat it any longer. But your observation is correct on the Atheist leaving it out. Same for an atheist to go to a church gathering for a gimmick and leaving without “worshiping” God – I agree.
    Where is that scripture that says “try all kinds of worldly methods to get the heathen to come to your assemblies. For only when they think of you as one of them will they learn to follow Jesus.”

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