Posted by: reformbama | June 23, 2011

I May Have A handle On It, Or Not.

As many of you know, some more than others, this past year and a half has been the toughest of my life. Things in the past never really got to me when they went bad, oh but they do now. However I must have been puffed up and too proud. Not what you think, sorta. I am talking about those things as it applies to my God Given Abilities that I use in my profession. Controls Engineer. I am one of them guys that play with PLC’s, low voltage, high voltage circuits, some robotics here and there. I gained that title by hard work, on the job training, mostly self taught, starting at the bottom. I did not go to college for that. I went for electronics. Got me a Associates Degree with a major in electronic communications. Over this trying time period “my” confidence in my job, among other thing, has been eaten away, slowly.  I’ve got about zero left. I use to love what I do, I just about hate it now. Challenges that I use to love have just become a nuisance. It is hard for me to even act like I like it. I miss working with guys that can talk theology with, now I stuck hanging around whinny (yeah, I know I am whining, so send me some cheese) “kids” and semi old guys that have bibles laying on their work benches with an inch of dust on the covers. Tried steering conversations that way, but no luck. Such focus on trivial junk. I am starting to ramble now, so I will stop. Don’t want bore my two to three blog fans.

Which leaves me with this question for myself? Have I always thought I leaned on God when things got tough or did I just think I was and got through hard times through sheer will power? The yes/no meter is hovering toward the left.


Be Blessed.




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