Posted by: reformbama | June 23, 2011

Thoughts from an ‘old’ man: Take the disguise off of your blessings

This was written by my personal watch dog, uh I mean wolf(e) here on the blog. A sometime commenter that needs to say more on here.

No from the guy that is not as old as I am. Hey if I was there and the boat was all motor I would have tried it.


I have been reminded lately (after an incident) by

well-meaning friends that I am getting “too old” to do certain

things, and they’re probably right, although I thought I performed pretty well

for an ‘old’ guy all things considered. So now with some very sore ribs and a

good reason to sit still for more than a few minutes, it makes for a good time

for this ‘old’ man to share some thoughts with his friends.

I have been listening to a sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes that my

pastor (and most of your’s) is working through. The timing couldn’t

have been any better as there seems to be many challenges in life that leads to

the temptation to stress and fret. The “preacher” of Ecclesiastes is

Solomon, David’s son, the one man on earth that had everything anyone could

desire and more, yet we see in this book his repentance before God for his

seeking of contentment in the things instead of the giver of the things. He

found all so late in his life, after being led astray by his many foreign wives

and forsaking his Lord, that he, even though considered the wisest man in his

time, was found to be a fool. (Ecc 4:13 “Better is a poor and a

wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.”)

He now realized that all the things, and even including the labor to get and

maintain the things, was all just vanity, like grasping at the wind to try to

gain peace and contentment. (Ecc 2:11 “Then I looked on all the works that

my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do: and, behold,

all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the

sun.”) This even led to his despair and depression (Ecc 2:17

“Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is

grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.”)

One reason we can be assured that the Bible is authentic and true

is because it takes the spotlight heroes like Solomon and

exposes all of their failures so that we can learn from them. So, DO WE?

In this nation where houses, cars, prestige, power, money, and just

things seem to be the goal of most average Christian families, do

we really know how to recognize God’s blessings anymore? I’m not

so sure that I do. All of these things can be gone in a matter of seconds, they

have no lasting value, can actually be more of a curse than a blessing as

Solomon had experienced, and are oh so easy to get focused on instead of God’s

kingdom. So, what are God’s blessings? The Bible tells of several, and they can

actually be disguised in discomfort, pain, heartache, and hard work. This

post-modern culture expects comfort, peace, and personal affluence to be their

blessings when all along those very things are keeping us from experiencing the

true lasting blessings that only God can give. We need to step back and look at

what the Bible says about God and His blessings, the one’s with eternal value,

not the ones we perceive will make us fat and happy. We need to expect some

hardship and pain along with our blessings so that we can really know that we

must rely on God alone for our peace and contentment, otherwise we may find

ourselves “old” and crying “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”!

Where are your true blessings? You may have to look to the Bible,

God’s providence and under the disguise to find the real ones. Let’s step back and

see what we’re missing all around us!

I’ve got more thoughts on specific blessings that this culture as a whole doesn’t recognize as

blessings anymore, but I don’t want to be the ‘old’ man that just rambles on and on… Maybe later.


By: Shane Wolfe



  1. Ramble on, Mr. Wolfe. Ramble on! 🙂

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