Posted by: reformbama | August 8, 2011

Taking The Gloves Off

I been feeling a touch hypocritical lately. I berated or former pastor for coming up to me for telling me he was scared about preaching on a certain topic, his church is still having that problem. His worry was what people would think, not if he got it wrong. I have been doing the same thing, sorta.

I’ll have a thought to blog  about and sure nuff people will post a status on FB that relates to my subject. So to avoid the “Why did you post that about me” mentality I usually don’t post it. Well that is going to stop. I’ll go more Scriptural, initially, with my post. I usually wait for a comment before I run with Scripture just so I can see where people are coming from and to get get them thinking and looking into the Word. Like I told that pastor, It’s not your word but God’s Word. And God’s Word is not an opinion. Nothing I do, pertaining to Scripture, is my opinion. It is what Scripture says, period. There are no gray areas. So if it hurt people’s feelings, they can go to God about it. Scripture hurts my feelings all the time. Also keep in mind some post will be what about what I deal with. I am pretty much transparent here.

So if you are going to come here and read my stuff, put your big boy/girl undies on and take your feelings off your sleeve.


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