Posted by: reformbama | August 13, 2011

Sola Gratia – The Group

Introducing to my “many” readers to a new Christian music group named “Sola Gratia”, for those of you in Rio Linda (and those in churches that do not teach any church history) the name means Grace Alone. One of the 5 Sola’s of the Reformation.


The members are Katie Martin, Emily Martin, Ashley Fandino, and Ren Blankenship. It is produced by Steven Skinner of Iachod Christian Media Ministries. You can go to their FaceBook page and sample the music. Proceeds go to the support of missionaries.

The music is beautiful and sound in doctrine. Yes I used those two words together in a sentence. All of the young ladies were homeschooled and attend Dominion Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. And here is another kicker that will blow your stereotype of homeschoolers – Dominion is a Family Integrated church.



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