Posted by: reformbama | August 14, 2011

I Love Beer

There, I’ve said it. The keg is empty ( not literally, my version of the cat is out of the bag). All you legalist will have field day with this I am sure. Some of you are probably working out some kind natty response like “How dare you blog about the things of Christ and Christian life and drink beer”. Here is the kicker for those of you with limited reading comprehension skills and have superb knee jerk reaction skills, never said I drink it, well not anymore, I said I love beer. I have also stated that I am as transparent as possible on here.

First let me say that I do not drink beer anymore. I stopped that when I started teaching yutes at a former church. Second, I was never a “Drunkard”. I could sit and drink one beer and not touch another one for weeks. I was clearly within my rights to do so. Like I said, I stopped when I started teaching yutes and getting more involved in the church. I did not want one of students to stumble because they came into Applebee’s and saw me sitting there with a pint. Kids today do not know when to stop. Adults don’t know when to stop. Fortunately I know when to stop. That act of seeing me drink “one” beer could have set one of my students off on a path of being a “Drunkard”.

Today I still do not drink beer. Even though I am not in any kind of ministry. Trust me I am no super saint or anything. There are times I would like a nice cold brew when watching a football game or after some yard work. The main temptation to drink a beer comes when I am out of town. Like when you are with fellow employees that do drink. Where no one knows me that can say hey “That’s Mr. Mark and he is drinking a beer, cool.”

I am headed, flying, back to the Ft. Lauderdale area tomorrow with a young kid, who from all outward appearances  is lost. I hope for the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. I could come right out and tell him the Gospel but it would fall on rocky ground. He is at the top of his game and everything is going his way, invincible, living with his girl friend and just bought a house at age 22. Some will say plant the seed anyway. I just may and do that after I force him to listen to some Paul Washer on the way back, going to be a long drive. From experience when presenting the Gospel to men in their prime like this, I get the yeah but… answer.

This is why I still don’t drink beer, for potential moments like this.

The title of this post alone should jump my blog hits way up there. 🙂



  1. Sinner!

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