Posted by: reformbama | August 21, 2011

No, I Am Not Too Cool To Re-post, I Am Just A …


I have had enough of these little “If you believe in God you will re-post this 5 seconds” or the “If you care re-post in 2 seconds, cause if you don’t it means you don’t”. Let me address most of those “God” statuses people want re-posted. If you want me to re-post something it has to be sound in doctrine and not some emotionally charged tidbit or magic formula for something to happen. And to make an assumption that I don’t care about people that have cancer, aids or whatever because I will not re-post something is stupidity on your/their part. My grandmothers and best friend died of cancer. Re-posting silly little bits of fluff will not bring them back and will not save anyone. Like wearing a ribbon is actually going to save someone. Who has seen a pink ribbon lately and said to themselves “Oh my, I forgot about breast cancer?!?” And who out there is totally unaware about aids? Anyone?

Y’all are just RE-POSTING BULLIES!


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