Posted by: reformbama | August 21, 2011

“So, Tell Me About Your Church”

This is a re-post of a blog I did a while back. It did not get alot of traction and thought I would try it again.

I had an “experience” recently which was just one of many like it. Today I would like to take a rough survey of something. The only way for this to work is for you, the reader, to get out of your mind what you think this blog is about. Also act like you don’t know me. That is if you know me. Some of you might want to forget me. YOU MUST KEEP THAT IN MIND. Time for the question.

I am your new neighbor and I have a wife and 8 kids and I may or may not be a Christian. Tell me about your church.

Treat your answer as you normally would. Now go answer in the comments.

And thank you ahead of time.


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