Posted by: reformbama | September 4, 2011


Dear Pastor,

If preaching to your “flock” on sin and hell is a difficult subject the evangelizing must come across as an impossibility or you never touch on the condition of man when you evangelize. Pray tell sir, why is it difficult? Do you fear man more than God? Do you fear for your job if you step on toes? Or is it that you yourself do not understand the plain text in the Word of God that makes it difficult.

I know you sir, I know you love your flock and I know you love God. I also know you are riding on the fence with your theology. You dabble over in MacArthur’s camp and recently Voddie Baucham and few other great theologians. Men true to the word of God. And yet I find you dabbling over in the Bells, Furticks, Nobels, Stetzers camps looking for scraps on how to be a better speaker, and how to “connect” with your people. Following fads and surveys. Let me tell you this sir. You have been gifted from God to preach. You have no need to follow those liberal fools with the large number of goats following them. If you have to emulate someone why not MacArthur. His church does not have enough numbers for you?  I understand where your love of numbers come from. From being a associate pastor with number hungry men.

Again you are gifted to preach. You don’t need to learn from Rob Bell. Preach the Word in it’s true form and let the Holy Spirit do It’s work! God will give the increase! Stay true to the Word! I know you can do it! You are the last of the pastors that I have sat under that I have not lost respect for. Which side of the fence will you fall on?

I’ll end with this quote from Paul Washer’s 10 Indictments Message, you should listen to it sir.

As old G. Campbell Morgan, I have heard of him that when he
would go up that majestic tower to preach he would quote to himself, “As a lamb led to
the slaughter, as a sheep before his shearers.” He knew that apart from a magnificent
manifestation of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, everything he said would be
dead. It is the Spirit that gives life and in that sense every one of us that proclaims must
proclaim as a prophet.




  1. Preach it!!

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