Posted by: reformbama | September 16, 2011

I Am Being A Slacker

Oh there is so much to write about. So much I have said I would write about and have not. I really want to hit this “community” phase going on in most churches. It really ties into what I have said about over complicating the church. When it comes to church bigger is not better. That is why this “community” thing and home group deals are the thing now. See where I want to go with this?

I will also need to do a interview with Elder Shane Wolfe to tie in some things I see working really well ( or find out that what I am seeing is not what I am seeing) at Dominion Baptist that the big money churches are failing at, with one notable, that I know of, exception. That would be John MacArthur’s church. would love to tie that in if I can find a article I read about his church on  ministries there. Almost 100% involvement. Why, because he teaches God’s Word, and they do church discipline and the out flow from that is people being involved, like at Dominion. No need for special books studies and surveys. You teach your sheep to be biblical Christians and guess what happens, they do Christian things.

I need some serious alone time to do this.


How about it Wolfe? You up for a interview?



  1. Bring it!
    Let me know when. Sorry to have missed you today, It’s been a while.

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