Posted by: reformbama | October 1, 2011

In My Book They Are No Longer American Citizens

Who/Whom (I can never remember how that is to be used) you might be asking? Any one that joins a terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda.

As far as I am concerned if you join a group that hates America and wants her citizens dead you forfeit your rights and life as an American citizen. And if you have bragged about running terrorist ops and there is video of you talking smack and inciting others to kill Americans all the proof of guilt is there and no need to waste tax payer money.

You __________ that think it was wrong to put a hit order out on these terrorist just because they happened to be born in the USA is wrong to to think this through a lot better than that. I bet that last guy did not even think of himself as American anymore. And thanks to all of you I am on the verge of defending Obama and I don’t want to do that.


And no, a country that supports terrorist like Iran cannot and should not have nukes.

And no, I will not be voting for Ron Paul.


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