Posted by: reformbama | October 12, 2011


There is only one TRUTH out there and it found in Scripture. You find yourself either loving it, truth, or hating it. You hate it because it shines a lights on your sin and it gets in the way of doing the things you love to do, and want to do, the way you do church and worship. You love  it because of what it tells you about the Trinity as being  above all else. If you are honest with yourself you will love that Scripture  points out your sin, that is sanctification working, it hurts a little but it brings you closer to that day of perfection, which you will not reach until you die, and gone into heaven. Because we are not “perfect” yet does not mean we should not strive toward it. If I had my Bible handy I would put forth the Scriptures that say that, but my memory is toast at the moment.

Here and on FaceBook I post many things that is filled with Scriptural Truth. It hurts feelings, get over it. I just deliver the mail. If I am wrong please tell me where and how, just don’t give an opinion.

BTW, I am NOT perfect and I fail many times in living the life Scripture tells us to live, most of what I post is what I have learned from my own errors and mistakes, there have been many and there will undoubtedly be more.

Think about this, if what I post gets under your skin and nags at you, that just might me the Holy Spirit telling to take what I have said seriously.


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