Posted by: reformbama | October 19, 2011

Please, I Beg You

To show me anywhere in Scripture where you are to stay at level of comfort in your Christian walk. Also if you are a pastor where does it say in Scripture to keep feeding your flock baby formula and that you just leave them and meet them where they are at?

Another question while I am thinking about it. What do you do when a Scriptural truth is placed before you, like on the church should be? Write it off as just stuff? Do you take time, maybe stop some practices in church while you search the Scriptures for God’s will? Do you get your elders together and pray and search the Scriptures? Or do you just don’t want to rock the boat, you are comfortable where you are at.

Someone said this to Paul Washer “If I take this back to my congregation my people will kill me.”
Washer’s reply to the man “Then Die” that was from this message

Also on another note. How do you judge the success of a man’s ministry? By numbers? The Mormons do the same thing. They are growing.

Nuff said.




  1. I will tell you why pastors today only go for the milk and pat people on the back like babies, because the people will leave and his numbers will suffer. it happened in our church 7 years ago when the new pastor came in. He preached the Word! “Thus saith the LORD” and people left because he would not water down the message. And another thing, the rock and roll music played at most churches today is of Satan. Go to sermon and listen to two messages from Pastor David Cloud on music. We have a r&r church 200 yards away and last night like every Wednesday night our pastor has to preach over the thumping.

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