Posted by: reformbama | November 1, 2011

More On Change

Well it took me long enough to get back to this change thing by some guy named Shaun. You can go  here to read the article.

When I called it poorly written I was not referring to the grammar of the story, but the meat of it. Who am I to poke fun at someone’s grammar.

Back to the “change”.  This story is about a pastor that resigned, as I see, from the results of the wrong reasons to start a church, numbers and social justice/reform. I would not be surprised to see him supporting the OWS crowd. I do admire him for resigning, and I do hope God puts a solid expositor of the Word in his path.

Here is the quote a friend on FaceBook gleaned from the story and thought was worthy:

I had no idea that zero correlation exists between how much people love hearing about change and their actual willingness to make it.

He is right to a point. It depends on the crowd. If you read the story and saw how the church was started and how he got to his sermon of sermons and got everyone pumped up. If you follow the link and read his post about stepping down and all, you will noticed he used all the current buzzwords in church today.

Take a look at this little tidbit:

Beginning in May, we will have one LARGE awesome service per month instead of 10-12 services.  Our small groups system will be completely overhauled.  Teams of 40-60 will be formed to tackle crisis issues in our city and around the world that honor God.  We will place a much greater emphasis on training and discipleship on how to BE a Christian. 

Takes it down to one service a month and then says they will do things to honor God?

Like I said, that little quote is true to a point, and the key variable in that is what kind of crowd are you pitching your “change” to.

I can guarantee you if our pastor came to us with an Idea of a “Radical” change and it was rooted in Scriptural support, the church will go with it. Why? Because it has support from Scripture. And I bet out pastor would not have to ask for money to do a big ol’ video production and get a helicopter to video tape some land, among other things and when the excitement dies down do another video telling everyone it’s for the kids.

On second thought I don’t think our pastor will come up with any “Radical” ideas because he is doing the only real radical thing that changes, teaching his flock the Scriptures and Gospel, Gospel, and then some more Gospel. The outflow from solid teaching of God’s Word will cause change, no tricks or gimmicks are needed.

More later if Shane Wolfe will get busy answering some Q’s for me.


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